Siddhant Chaturvedi defies gravity, aces inverted pigeon pose during aerial Yoga


While we can’t find enough motivation to change Yoga positions on the floor mat, Gully Boy star Siddhant Chaturvedi is flaunting his balancing skills while being suspended in the air and his lured in a quest for similar peace and relaxation as we gear up to work on a stable core with aerial Yoga. Defying gravity as he nailed inverted pigeon pose during aerial Yoga, Siddhant dared us to give a deep stretch to our hips and re-align our spine and we are inspired.

Taking to his social media handle on International Yoga Day this Monday, Siddhant shared a picture that gave fans a glimpse of his jaw-dropping aerial Yoga class. The picture featured the actor donning only a pair of black shorts as he suspended his body upside down on a blue hammock with legs joined together in a Namaste sign or Anjali Mudra and hands stretched out wide in 180 degrees angle, parallel to the floor.

Hanging upside down with utmost ease, Siddhant asserted in the caption, “Jisne bola Yoga se nahi hoga, kasam se life mein bohot Bhoga (Whoever say that it will not happen through Yoga, I swear he will suffer a lot in life). #internationalyogaday” sic.


Aerial yoga inversions require a stable core to aid in changing positions while suspended mid air and controlling the balance helps burn calories. Apart from strengthening the core, it also strengthens and lengthens the spine, increases flexibility of the body, increases the neuroplasticity of the brain, helps lengthen the ligaments, offers relief from hip pain and eases tensions in the back.

Flipping upside down offers more than just peace and relaxation. From temporarily improving blood circulation in the body to giving a person more energy and focus in the long term, aerial yoga inversions are full of benefits.

The inverted pigeon pose that Siddhant Chaturvedi aced is especially helpful for those who spend too much time at office desk as it gives the practitioner’s hips a deep stretch and helps re-align the spine. Instead of leaving the hands outstretched like Sid, one can also try to fold them in anjali mudra behind their back and enjoy the health benefits of a deep and satisfying stretch of the chest and shoulders.

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