Shruti Seth opens up about nailing 3-minute headstand post laparoscopic surgery


In the early 2000, we have swooned over Jiya as she unlocked her magical powers in the Indian sitcom ‘Shararat – Thoda Jaadu, Thodi Nazaakat’ and this weekend was full of similar magic as the television star, Shruti Seth, made us brush aside our jinxed workout procrastination and roll out our Yoga mats with her inspiring fitness video. Shararat’s Jiya aka Shruti Seth served the perfect weekend fitness inspiration as she gave fans a glimpse of her rigorous workout after three-month gap, post her laparoscopic surgery and stayed 3 minutes in Yoga’s Sirshasana or headstand.

Making netizens jaws drop in awe, Shruti took to her social media handle to share the video reel where she effortlessly attempted a headstand. The video features the Baal Veer actor crouched on her Yoga mat and carefully lifting her legs above her head to ace the exercise move while taking support of the room’s wall.

“Had a laparoscopic surgery in December and I was forbidden from working out for almost 3 months (sic),” Shruti shared in the caption. She added, “Today after a long, long gap I went up in sirshasana. The initial trepidation of using abdominal strength aside, I’m glad my muscles remembered what to do and kept me up for almost 3 minutes. This is just 30 seconds from those 3 minutes (sic).”

Encouraging fans towards a healthy lifestyle, the VJ advised, “If you treat your body well, it will mostly probably return the favour. So be kind to your magnificent machine (sic).” Shruti concluded by thanking her Yoga gurus as she bounced back in a fitter health state and wrote, “Thank you for guiding and training me for all these years. It’s your voices in my head that manages to put me in the strangest of postures. Thank you to all my yoga gurus (sic).”

Benefits of Sirshasana

Yoga headstand is also called Salamba Shirshasana or just Shirshasana which is good for stimulating and providing refreshed blood to various endocrine glands for improving the body’s overall functionality. It also strengthens one’s core along with increasing upper body strength and stamina.

Headstand is not advised during menstruation or in cases of high blood pressure, hiatal hernia, heart palpitations or glaucoma. Though nicknamed “king” of all the asanas, Yoga headstand is most often reported as the cause of an injury hence, should be practised after gaining much balance.

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