Shruti Haasan’s Cheat Meal Is For Sure Making Us Drool; Read On To Know Her Own Recipe


There is no doubt that over the years Shruti Haasan has captured the hearts of many with her acting and singing. As her fans enjoy seeing her both off the screen and on-screen, the actor is known to share about her life through her Instagram. And the one thing which we have learned from her Instagram that Shruti Haasan loves to post about snippets from her daily life, including her cat, playing music, and most importantly, food! A look through her Instagram, and you will come to realise that the actor loves to try various cuisines and definitely has a sweet tooth!

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Recently taking over her Instagram, Shruti Haasan gave us an insight on her cheat meal- baked pasta! And the cheesy goodness of her baked pasta will surely make you hungry as well. Showing us her recipe for this dish, the actor wrote that she has been making baked pasta for years. She uses gluten-free pasta, ten fry onions, garlic, rosemary in sweet paprika and cayenne pepper with salt. As for the chicken, she cooks it separately in Italian seasoning and paprika. Take a look at the video:

The actor also added that if she feels lazy, she will simply cook her pasta with bottled sauce and add half a cup of white wine with an “extra zing” of bhoot jholakia oil.

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As spicy and tempting as her pasta looks, her baked pasta recipe has certainly become something to try when you make pasta next time!

Since the actor loves food, she has earlier also posted about an extravagant Japanese meal, a big vessel of idli sambhar and cakes and ice cream for her sweet tooth.

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