Shruti Haasan Spill The Beans On Her Yummy Food Choices; Can You Guess What They Are


There is no doubt about the fact that Shruti Haasan has established a name for herself in the film industry. Her talent and skills have captivated the audience’s attention, and people enjoy seeing her both in reel and real life. And likewise, Shruti Haasan also loves to interact with her fans. If you have been following her on social media, then you know that she is a self-confessed foodie. A glance through her social media, and you will come to realise that Shruti loves to try out new cuisines and cook food for her family as well!

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Recently the Ramaiya Vastavaiya actress shared a photo of a delicious-looking Chettinad Chicken and idli on her Instagram stories. In her story, she wrote “Chicken Chettinad and Idly dinner in the works”. Take a look at her post:

Chettinad Chicken by Shruti Haasan


Idli By Shruti Haasan

By this time, we are sure that her hearty meal would have made you hungry and if you are also craving some of that delicious goodness, check the recipe of chicken chettinad and idli here.

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Earlier, Shruti Haasan also did an Instagram Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, where she revealed her food choices! Using a funny face filter, Shruti conducted this AMA. When one of her fans asked her choice between thakkali thokku or mango thokku (Thakkali is a tomato and thokku is a type of pickle) the actress adorably answered, “thakkali is my only favourite, thakkali rasam, thakkali thokku, anything thakkali I like #ThakkaliIsLife”.


Shruti Haasan answering about her food choices 

And when another one of her fans asked what she had for lunch, Shruti said, “I had urlakalangu poriyal and khichdi”. (Poriyal is a potato fry in Tamil Nadu)


Shruti Haasan answering about her lunch

As much as Shruti Haasan loves having traditional and homemade food, she also enjoys cuisines from other countries. On her Instagram, the actress has also posted about cakes, ice creams and bingsu (a Korean ice cream delicacy), tacos from her favourite restaurant in London, and a wholesome Japanese meal

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