Shruti Haasan on her unproductivity, anxiety and mental health woes amid Covid


  • Actor and musician, Shruti Haasan took to her social media profile to share how she had been feeling and coping with life during the coronavirus pandemic.
By | Edited by Alfea Jamal, Hindustan Times, Delhi

UPDATED ON APR 22, 2021 04:56 PM IST

The coronavirus pandemic took over the world, ravaging lives and livelihoods, more than a year ago, and while many of us in India were under the impression that the worst of the life-threatening outbreak was behind us with the first wave, the second wave of Covid-19 hit our country a lot harder than anticipated with record number of deaths and cases being recorded. The pandemic has had quite an impact on most of our mental health, and Bollywood actor Shruti Haasan shared this sentiment. Taking to her Instagram profile, Shruti shared a series of pictures of herself as she played with her cat, smiled for the camera and in one, a friend sneaked into the frame. Expressing how she felt and addressing the anxiety that the pandemic has induced, the actor and musician wrote, “It’s such a tough time – I do silly things, creative things boring chores to lift my spirits – I’m thankful for my lockdown buddies who are relentless photobombers and such lovely souls.

She went on to share a sentiment that many of us have been struggling with, that of being unproductive and holding ourselves accountable for not doing enough in the pandemic, Shruti wrote, “Today I felt like being unproductive – I felt like stopping for a second and acknowledging my anxiety – in my heart is a prayer for everyone suffering and I meditate on putting out my little bit of good energy out toward the chaos.

She concluded her thoughtful post by asking her fans and followers if they were doing well, continuing, “Tell me how you’re feeling – let’s try and help each other ? Let me know if there’s any information want me to share or anything we should be talking about? and in any case here’s a giant hug for you.”


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