Shocking! McDonald’s Australia Receives Huge Takeaway Order For Rs. 1.86 Lakh


McDonald’s burgers are extremely popular all across the globe. The fast food giant enjoys a unique fan following with countless people all over the world. People go great lengths to get a bite of their favourite burger, and we have seen that several times over the recent past. A UK woman had travelled several hundred miles during the lockdown period to get a bite of her favourite burger, even though she was reprimanded by police authorities for doing so. And now, McDonald’s in Australia received a takeaway order for food worth AUD 3,400 or Rs. 1.86 lakh.

Shared on a Facebook group for McDonald’s employees, the image was widely circulated on social media. This McDonald’s outlet in Australia had received the whopping order last week. In the image, we can see only a part of the order which is appearing on the screen. There were orders for 70 Angus clubhouse burgers, along with one cheeseburger with no pickles. The customer also ordered 39 medium McFamily boxes, which came up to an additional 234 burgers in the order. There were also 39 McNuggets and 69 large fries included in the order. Take a look:

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McDonald’s employees were stunned to see a huge order worth Rs. 1.86 lakhs.

The employees at Australia’s McDonald’s outlet were left speechless by the huge takeaway order. “I’d quit on the spot if I saw that order,” wrote one user while another said, “The sheer audacity of that one cheeseburger.” Whether the order was a hoax or it was actually real is unclear.

According to 7news, McDonald’s Australia has started launchings special offers for patrons. Thus, discounts and deals are making the burgers cheaper than usual to promote sales.

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