Shirtless David Beckham flaunts athletic prowess with ab wheel rollouts at gym


Even after retiring from football in 2013, global soccer star David Beckham continues to wow fans with his gruelling workouts and chiselled physique. Recently, the 45-year-old was revealed as the new global ambassador for the Australian fitness company, F45 Training Holdings Inc and will now be seen championing the iconic 45-minute workouts along with helping to “communicate the benefits” as well as share the brand’s “fitness philosophy”.

Taking to his social media handle recently, the father-of-four gave a glimpse of his robust workout at Miami gym where he flaunted his athletic prowess while performing ab wheel rollouts. Displaying his washboard stomach and impressive tattoos, David was featured shirtless at the gym for Inter Miami CF and his intense ab wheel rollouts are all the fitness motivation we need to brush aside workout procrastination this Sunday.

Rocking a rugged stubble and sporting silver locks that were styled in a short hairdo, David donned only a pair of black shorts teamed with a pair of socks and a pair of bubblegum pink sneakers. Channelling his impressive core strength, he extended his body above the workout room’s floor as he performed ab wheel rollouts and captioned the video, “When I’m not doing F45 on my day off I’m here [laughing emoji]” sic.



As the name suggests, ab wheel rollouts work on the abs but also focuses on lower body muscles including the hip and thigh muscles. It improves the practitioner’s balance and physique on the whole, teaches anti-extension or the core’s ability to brace against potentially spine-harming forces, results in a chiseled midsection and helps achieve six-pack abs or maintain one’s current six-pack abs after years of sustained exercise. 

The exercise not only builds and stabilises the core muscles but also helps more power and strength by targeting the transverse abdominus which is the deepest layer of ab muscle. It can cut belly fat in some ways and help flatten abdominal fats though a flat stomach can only be achieved with consistent exercise routine, maintaining a balanced diet and healthy sleeping patterns.

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