Shilpa Shetty shares ‘healing’ tips to keep mental health afloat


Tending to our own happiness should never be marred by second doubt, especially under current times when the raging Covid-19 pandemic has engulfed the world in gloom and that is when Shilpa Shetty Kundra’s “healing” tips to keep mental health afloat came in handy. The fitness enthusiast delivered her weekly ‘Shilpa Ka Mantra’ this Tuesday with a motivation to not only try Yoga’s Natarajasana exercise but also the push to work on our mental health.

Taking to her social media handle, Shilpa shared a picture of herself nailing the exercise effortless while her advice below it read, “Work harder than yesterday, if you want a different tomorrow.” She shared in the caption, “I always only connected this thought to the physical act of working hard for a better or more successful future. But, this past year has made me see another perspective (sic).”

Shilpa added, “It has made me realise just how important it is to work on our mental health every day. On some days, we need to put in that extra effort to stay afloat and not give in to the various pressures of life. When we work on making ourselves a priority, when we regularly take a breather from our daily grind, and when we draw out some healthy boundaries for ourselves; these are all steps towards “healing”… and leading us to a better tomorrow (sic).”

Method of nailing Natarajasana:

Stand straight with your legs together and hold a stick with your right hand in front of you. Inhale and bend your left knee from the back.

Exhale and with your left hand, grab the ankle as you lift your left leg up with the toe pointing towards the ceiling. At the same time, press your ankle against the body and hold onto the pose for 10 to 15 seconds before releasing.

Benefits of Natarajasana:

Also known as the Dancer Pose, Natarajasana develops greater strength and flexibility in the body with each practice. It stretches the chest, shoulders, quadriceps and the front body including the abdomen and strengthens the upper back, quadriceps, ankles and feet.

This asana strengthens your core and back muscles thereby improving balance.

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