Shilpa Shetty reveals the fitness mantra to ‘eat nearly 12% fewer calories’


Shilpa Shetty Kundra hooks fitness freaks with her health mantra on how to ‘eat nearly 12% fewer calories’ and no, it does not involves working out so we are all ears

ByZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi

While some people have more active lifestyles, others burn calories at different rates owing to their respective metabolisms and Bollywood fitness enthusiast Shilpa Shetty Kundra is grabbing all the spotlight today as she reveals the fitness mantra to “eat nearly 12% fewer calories”. Hooking fitness freaks with her health mantra that does not involves working out, Shilpa had our undivided attention and we are all ears.

Taking to her social media handle, Shilpa shared her weekly ‘Swasth Raho Mast Raho’ anecdote which she calls ‘Shilpa Ka Mantra’ to encourage fans towards a physical and mental healthier lifestyle. “Eating right isn’t just about eating healthy food or consuming food in moderation. It also includes when, what, and HOW you eat,” Shilpa asserted.

The diva added, “The more you patiently chew every morsel, the easier it is to digest. Moreover, chewing food more thoroughly also increases blood flow to the stomach and gut. Relish the food you eat with gratitude, and your body will thank you (sic).”

She concluded with a piece of advice that read, “After all, the food you put into your system and the way you do so reflects on the outside. You are what (and how) you eat Eat well ….. #ShilpaKaMantra #SwasthRahoMastRaho #happiness #willpower #success #food #eatright #healthyeating #eatwell #ConsistencyIsKey (sic).”

The caption was shared with an animated picture that offered a powerful health fact by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. It revealed, “Chewing food 40 times instead of a typical 15 times helps one eat nearly 12% fewer calories.”


We don’t know about you but we are definitely bookmarking this diet tip as it rejuvenates our fitness enthusiasm to take us through the rest of the week.

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