Shilpa Shetty finds balance amid chaos with yoga’s Ustrasana and Navasana, read post here


Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty is finding balance amid the chaos with the help of yoga. The star took to social media today to update her Instagram family about her pursuit in achieving the same. She shared a photo of herself doing two yoga asanas – Ustrasana and Navasana – and added, “Disconnect to reconnect.”

Shilpa, who is married to Raj Kundra, is an avid yoga practitioner, and her social media page is full of several videos and photos in which she nails difficult asanas. Moreover, the star credits yoga for helping her achieve a calm state of mind during tough situations in life. Her post on October 26 also touches on the same topic.

Today’s post shows Shilpa doing the Navasana or Boat Pose and Ustrasana or Camel Pose. Sharing the photo on the gram, the star talked about the importance of disconnecting digitally to connect with ourselves. She captioned the post, “Maintaining a healthy balance amid all the chaos in the world is challenging. But, it is important to be able to disconnect from the outside/digital world to reconnect with yourself. Only when you’re in tune with your own thoughts will you be able to align yourself with everything else externally. Offline is the new luxury. Disconnect and pamper yourself.”

Take a look at the post:


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Benefits of doing Ustrasana and Navasana:

Ustrasana is a back-bending pose known for adding flexibility and strength to the body. Additionally, it improves digestion, opens up the chest, strengthens the back and shoulders, relieves lower backache, improves spine flexibility, fixes posture, and helps overcome menstrual discomfort.

Navasana, on the other hand, strengthens the back and abdominal muscles, tones the leg and arm muscles.

Earlier, Shilpa had shared a video of herself achieving a mean feat at the gym. She did 20kg weighted squats in the clip and revealed the benefits of the routine.


So, are you motivated to disconnect after seeing Shilpa’s post?

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