Shama Sikander nails Yoga exercises from Paschim Namaskarasana to half handstand


After setting the Internet on fire with her sultry pictures from Miami beach, Indian actor Shama Sikander encouraged fans towards a healthier lifestyle by nailing Yoga exercises from Paschim Namaskarasana to half handstand. Laying the perfect Monday motivation ahead of the work week, Shama effortlessly performed the varied Yoga poses and that is all the fitness motivation we need to roll out our exercise mats.

Taking to her social media handle, Shama shared a slew of pictures that gave fitness enthusiasts a glimpse of her robust workout session. Donning a lavender coloured sports bra, teamed with a pair of purple-coloured tights, Shama pulled up her hair into a top knot to keep them off her face during the rigorous exercise session.

While the first picture featured her acing Paschim Namaskarasana or Yoga’s Reverse Prayer Pose, the next picture showed her performing Dhanurasana or box pose with a resistance band’s help. The exercises ended with half handstand and Shama captioned the pictures, “Balance, stillness, limitlessness….(sic).”


Paschim Namaskarasana or Yoga’s Reverse Prayer Pose not only makes the shoulder muscles flexible but also opens up the shoulder joints. The exercise stretches the muscles of the forearm up to the wrist, releases stress and calms down the mind.

Dhanurasana or backbending or bow pose exercise of Yoga increases and regains spinal strength and flexibility. Dhanurasana has the ability to improve posture amid work from home as we crouch before our laptops and computer systems, working extended hours during the Covid-19 quarantine. This exercise helps to bounce back on a healthy note and maintain a good posture.

Half handstand has therapeutic benefits that include relieving tension headache, mild depression, insomnia and sciatica. It stretches arms, shoulders, hamstrings, calves and arches, strengthens the arms and legs, reinforces shoulders, shoulder blades and scapulaire belt and improves blood circulation to the head.

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