Seven Shrimp And 4,377 Rice: Funny Reddit Post Warns Against Stealing Lunch


Internet can be one interesting place for all. Every now and then, we come across various posts, stories and videos that evokes nostalgia instantly. We also come across contents that are funny and much relatable. Here’s one such hilarious post we recently read. It speaks about those lunch hours during schools and colleges, when our tiffin used to get stolen. Remember those days?

 A new Reddit post has triggered a storm of comments on the discussion forum of people sharing their experience of how their lunch was repeatedly stolen at the office and what they did to prevent it. The post, likely by a person who has had enough with losing meals, showed an image of a lunch box with a warning written on top of it. “Do not eat my lunch. I have 7 shrimp and 4,377 rice,” the message read. The funny post — titled “Don’t steal my food” — has received 96% upvotes and a plethora of comments.

Many users commented on it to share how they stopped others from stealing their lunch boxes.

Some even said that they tainted their lunch after it was stolen three times and waited for it to be “pilfered”.

Another user quoted stand-up comic Mitch Hedberg to say, “Rice is great if you’re really hungry…And want to eat two thousand of something.”

Like us, can you too relate to the post? If yes, then do not forget to share your story with us in the comments below.  

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