Seven Days, Seven Unique Pizzas: We’ve Got You Covered With Recipes


When it comes to favourite food, pizza has to be a popular pick among many. This has been a saviour of a dish that kept us afloat through some long nights, quick parties as well as a slew of lockdowns, more recently. With more time being spent at home, many of us also tried cooking these yummy cheesy doughs and sprinkling our favourite veggies on them. But, what if you could have more options than just topping the regular dough with capsicums, shallots or meat slices? You can, now, take your culinary skills a notch higher and we are here to help. We bring to you an assortment of unique pizza recipes that you can make on your own at home.

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Pizza you can easily make at home

1) Jalebi and Rabri Pizza
If you are confused about whether to pick jalebi or pizza for this evening’s snack, we’ll help you with your dilemma. Try both. Have a fusion pizza. Make some golden and crunchy jalebis, take the pizza base and spread milkmaid and rabri over it like you would spread pizza sauce. Bake it in a preheated oven and taste a melange of flavours. 

2) Chocolate Pizza
Not a jalebi person? If sweet and bitter chocolate is more like your thing, this recipe is for you. Start by chopping a few bars of chocolate into milk and butter. Add nuts and berries to the thick molten chocolate and spread it over the pre-cooked pizza base. You can serve it hot or chilled.

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3) Pizza Omelette
Don’t have the pizza base at home? Make a pizza on an omelette. Cook a thick omelette, spread your pizza sauce on it and top it with some sizzling jalapenos and soft mushrooms. Egg-lovers are going to kiss your hands after trying this dish.


Make a pizza on an omelette

4) Greek-style Pizza
This is perfect for those of you who are vegan. You can make your own pizza base with flour and yeast, make your own pizza sauce and sprinkle fresh veggies on the top. Sounds yummy, doesn’t it?


This is perfect for those of you who are vegan

5) Sooji Pizza
Your mom will surely stop complaining about all the wheat in pizza if you follow this recipe. Make your pizza with sooji, rice flour and loads of fresh vegetables and cheese. Tasty and healthy!

6) Naan Veggie Pizza
Another alternative to the pizza base is here. Turn those delectable naans into a base for your pizza sauce and seasonings. Add a heap of mozzarella cheese and bake.

naan pizza

Turn those delectable naans into a base for your pizza

7) Uttapam Pizza
Want your pizza in South Indian style? Substitute uttapam for the naan and you have a yummy and fun fusion dish ready to be served. Plus, you can ditch the oven for a day and cook it all on the pan.

Let us know which is your favourite pizza pick in the comments section. 

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