Sayani Gupta Had This Japanese Classic Dish Till She Couldn’t Move


No matter what kind of day you might be having, a plate of sushi is always a good idea. And we find support in Four More Shots Please! star Sayani Gupta, who shared a snippet of her Monday dinner. Sayani, who is also a fitness enthusiast, takes her cheat meal days quite seriously – she earns them through vigorous training sessions and has her cheat days only when she deserves it. That’s exactly what happened when she indulged in a platter of sushi as her latest cheat meal. The actress wrote that she ate till she couldn’t move. Take a look at her dinner platter’s picture here. After a glance at it, we are craving some sushi right now.

Her Asian cheat meal.

A few days ago, Sayani shared another sneak peek of a similar cheat day. This time, she settled for a burger, fried chicken and French fries and let the extra carb break her “no carb” spell of the last two months. “Worked hard to earn it…now back to the grind,” wrote Sayani.

Sayani also often makes her fans drool with snippets of her Bengali meals. Be it the famous kosha mangsho (meat cooked in spices) or aloo potoler jhol (potato and pointed gourd curry), Sayani can make you envious of her classic Bengali lunches. And that’s exactly what she did a few months back. With multiple Instagram Stories, she shared pictures of rohu curry, chilli chicken and aloo potoler jhol.

Coming back to sushis, in case you are now craving the Japanese classic after seeing Sayani’s Instagram Stories, we are here to your rescue. With the following recipes, you can make lip-smacking sushi at home:

1. California sushi roll

For this recipe, you will need some crab meat, avocados, seaweed and rice. With a dollop of chilli mayo, this sushi tastes heavenly.

2. Valentine sushi roll

This sushi may taste like traditional sushis, but what makes it stands apart is its shape – it is heart-shaped. This dish is sure to put a smile on the faces of your loved ones. 

3. Rice kheer sushi

We love kheer and we love sushis, and then we merged the best of both worlds to create an amazingly delectable dish.

Follow Sayani’s cue and for your special meals, binge on some sushis.

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