Sargun Mehta Shares Her Yummy Self-Made Sunday Breakfast – And We Are Hungry Now


Sundays are meant for relaxing and indulging ourselves in some much-needed self-care and pampering. After a long week of hard work, we deserve to treat ourselves to a delicious and filling meal or to those few extra precious minutes of sleep. Breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day, yet on weekdays, we find ourselves rushing through the meal to get on with the rest of our day. Actress Sargun Mehta is no different. On Sunday, she shared on Instagram her idea of indulgence — a delish-looking plate full of breakfast that she made for herself.

In the video she shared, Sargun can be heard proudly claiming that she cooked herself a mouth-watering breakfast of eggs sunny side up, a slice of buttered toast, some yummy looking pasta and a tall glass of orange juice saying, “Look at my self-cooked breakfast. Killing it bro.” And we definitely agree with her on that!

If Sargun’s breakfast has left you craving for some delicious eggs. We have the perfect recipes for you.

1. Devilled Eggs:

A delicious way to spruce up your regular boiled eggs with some creamy goodness and a hint of spice. Take a look at the recipe here.

2. Omelette In A Mug:

This is the perfect recipe for a lazy Sunday when you just do not want to deal with having to wash dishes. It’s easy and quick to make, and super yummy. Check the recipe here.

3. Indian Style Poached Eggs:

Add a delicious zing to your regular poached eggs with a mix of some Indian spice and crunchy walnuts, cheese and avocado. Here’s the recipe.

4. Pasta Primavera:

Are you looking at something apart from eggs? Or craving for some yummy pasta with cheesy goodness to indulge yourself for a Sunday brunch? We’ve got you covered with the perfect Pasta Primavera recipe to satisfy all your cravings. Take a look at the recipe here.

Looking for more delicious options to add to your breakfast menu? Take a look at some of these recipes to make your breakfasts wholesome and filled with flavour.

Tell us what is your favourite breakfast dish to indulge in, in the comments below.

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