Sanjana Sanghi’s Pranayam with ‘doggo therapy’ is the cutest fitness inspo today


Few people know that Dil Bechara-fame star Sanjana Sanghi is a dog lover with five furry friends at her home of different age groups and different breeds. While we can only imagine the unreal joy they would bring to the actor with their energy, Sanjana recently gave fans a glimpse of one of the pooches, Snoop, during her morning workout session.

The diva’s morning exercise routine is all about Pranayam or Yoga’s breathing asana with “doggo therapy” and it is the cutest fitness inspo on the Internet today. Giving fitness enthusiasts a sneak-peek into her “Pranayama morning” with her pet pooch attending the meditation session and we are inspired to workout after watching her exercise video on loop.

Donning a comfy round neck tee, teamed with a pair of black tights and hair pulled back into a high ponytail to ace the athleisure look, Sanjana sat cross-legged in a meditative pose in the middle of her garden with Snoop guarding her. Eyes closed in concentration, one hand on her stomach and the other on her knee in a relaxed manner, Sanjana soaked in the calm and fresh morning breeze.

“Here’s to Pranayama mornings starting off just right. But ending even better (sic),” she quipped in the caption of the video which ends with her and Snoop snuggling. Referring to another pooch of hers, Sanjana added, “If we thought Simba plays hard to get, doggo Snoop’s a whole league ahead. #MediateEveryday #DoggoTherapy (sic).”


Pranayam has a number of benefits like improving immune system, boosting your memory, improving respiratory and cardiovascular health and regulating blood pressure. This Yoga asana also improves sleep and helps to de-stress.

As the ancient practice of controlling breath, Pranayama connects body and mind, supplies body with oxygen while removing toxins and is meant to provide healing physiological benefits. The stress-relieving effects of pranayama include improving one’s sleep quality, increasing mindfulness and reducing high blood pressure.

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