Sana Khan’s Banana Coconut Halwa Recipe Is An Indulgent Affair That You Can’t Miss


Have you ever wondered what do our beloved celebrities and TV personalities like to eat when they want to binge to their heart’s content? With their strict diets and healthy routines, you would think that they cease themselves from indulging in any of their guilty pleasures, wouldn’t you? But, many celebrities have time and again shown us that when the occasion calls for it, they too like to let loose and give in to their cravings (just like us). And actor Sana khan is clearing our doubts by doing just that. Sana posted a step-by-step recipe for a true-blue indulgent sweet treat – A banana coconut halwa.

Sana made a delicious looking dessert and posted about it on her Instagram stories

The recipe is so simple and drool-worthy, just looking at it is making us slurp. It is made with easily available ingredients and you can get cooking right away. Sana is preparing this sweet treat in the pure rich flavors of desi ghee and is laden with dry fruits and raisins, the crunchy grated coconut along with mushy bananas make for an enticing bite every single time. Want to give this royal dessert a try? You can definitely do that with the actor’s very own recipe here.

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Heat ghee in a kadai and grated coconut until golden brown as shown in the picture


Fry dry fruits in the same kadai


Fry the banana in ghee


Finally, mix everything


Finish off with elaichi powder and serve

How To Make Sana Khan’s Banana Coconut Halwa :


1 cup grated coconut

1 cup grated dry fruits and raisin mixture

1 cup sliced bananas

4-5 tsp sugar

1 tbsp of ghee

1/2 tsp Cardamom (elaichi) powder


1. In a kadai, heat ghee, and add the grated coconut. Fry this until the coconut is golden brown and crispy.

2. Remove the coconut in a plate and in the same Kadai add the dry fruit mixture and fry for 2-3 mins

3. Remove the dry fruits and then add the banana slices and sugar.

4. Stir banana for a while, add the dry fruits mixture, fried coconut, and mix with light hands.

5. Cook this for another 3-5 mins, sprinkle the elaichi powder, mix once and serve hot.

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There you go, that’s how easy it is to make Sana Khan’s banana coconut halwa. Would you try making this decadent dessert any time soon? Let us know in the comments below.

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