Sameera Reddy says loving every jiggle and curve of our body is best exercise, see unfiltered video


  • Sameera Reddy believes body affirmations is the key to body positivity. The actor took to Instagram to says that the best exercise is looking at every jiggle and curve of our body and giving it positive vibes with affirmations.

By Krishna Priya Pallavi, Delhi

PUBLISHED ON SEP 25, 2021 09:51 AM IST

Bollywood actor Sameera Reddy thinks that the best exercise for our body is looking at every jiggle and curve and give it positive vibes with affirmations. In her latest post, she talked about how fitness is about being mentally in tune with our body and changing the narrative about it in our heads. She added that this is the best form of self-love out there, and we agree.

Sameera posted an unfiltered video with the caption, “BEST EXERCISE Look at every jiggle, every curve, every part of you and just give it positive vibes with affirmations. It’s a game changer. True love begins with you #selflove #selfcare #imperfectlyperfect #fitnessfriday #tip fitness is so much about being mentally in tune with your body and changing our narrative in your head.”

The video begins with Sameera showing off every curve and jiggle of her body. She also shows off her tummy and showers some much-needed love to each part of her body. The text on her video reads, “Body affirmations is your key to body positivity. True [love] starts with loving you.” And we agree.

Watch the video here:


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Often, when we talk about fitness in the mainstream media, very few celebrities talk about embracing our curves and treating our bodies with kindness. The mother-of-two has always been quite vocal about body positivity, fitness, mental health, and the importance of showing empathy to ourselves and our bodies. She often takes to Instagram to motivate her fans by talking about her own insecurities and how she accepts them. Her latest post also does the same.

Before this, Sameera had shared a picture of herself enjoying at the beach in Goa. In the post, she had talked about her ‘yummy Indian complexion’. She had shared the image with the caption, “In a world promoting fair skin, I’m most happy to bask in the golden sun to enhance my yummy indian complexion.”

Take a look at the post:


Sameera’s posts are always the dose of positivity we need to work on ourselves. What do you think?

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