Sameera Reddy opens up about being ‘shamed’, shares ticket ‘towards a happy you’


To raise awareness and educate the public about mental illnesses like depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, Mental Health Awareness Month is observed globally throughout May which taps into media, local events, film screenings and other platforms to talk about the realities of living with these conditions and explore strategies for attaining mental health and wellness. Wrapping up the month with her strong piece of advice, Bollywood actor Sameera Reddy not only opened up about being “shamed” but also shared a ticket “towards a happy you”.

Taking to her social media handle, Sameera, who is often vocal about issues stigmatized by the society, shared a video that highlighted the facets of shaming. “We’ve all been shamed at some point : sometimes by society . Sometimes we do it to ourselves (sic),” the 42-year-old asserted in the caption.

She added, “Pause and ask . ‘ is hate , fear , expectation, shame , self doubt driving you to question yourself ? (sic).”Making us relate and take instant notes, the actor spilled the beans on how to set yourself and others free from it and elaborated, “We all do it . I do too . It’s only human . But going past it with kindness and acceptance of yourself and others can set you free. Loving your ‘flaws’ & ‘imperfections’ as they call it is your ticket to move towards a happy you .Take time to talk and listen to someone . It’s ok not to feel ok all the time . We are all #imperfectlyperfect (sic).”

Fear, panic and negative talk, induced further from months of lockdown since the past year of ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, is turning out to be the biggest hurdle in ensuring one’s mental well-being as staying sane has been dented with a pall of grief, pain and suffering from varied losses that have been personal and professional. Amid such a crisis, not only is ‘mental nutrition’ important but also the willingness to seek help and counseling, stay connected, push for self love and lean into one’s support system regularly.

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