Riddhima Kapoor Sahni’s bakasana position will inspire you to take up yoga


  • Need some motivation to move out of bed and take your health seriously? Let this post by Riddhima Kapoor Sahni provide you with the necessary inspiration.

By Tapatrisha Das, Delhi

UPDATED ON SEP 28, 2021 06:03 PM IST

Riddhima Kapoor Sahni never fails to motivate her Instagram family to stop being lazy and start taking their workout routines seriously. Riddhima, who is a jewellery designer by profession, swears by yoga. A quick scroll on her Instagram profile and you will find multiple posts of herself doing yoga positions, often with her pet pooch for company. On Tuesday, Riddhima dropped another picture from her workout routine and it is making us look bad. In the picture, the jewellery designer can be seen doing the bakasana position.

Riddhima, in her living room, can be seen balancing herself on a coffee table of sorts, in the picture. The jewellery designer perched up on the table with just her arms on the table and her entire body lifted and balanced in air. Riddhima accompanied the post with multiple hashtags that spoke of the benefits of yoga for the body – “#practiceyogaeveryday #strongisthenewsexy #yogalife #balance #strongisthegoal #believeinyourself #yogagirl.”

Take a look at her picture here:


Benefits of Bakasana:

This yoga position comes with multiple benefits for the body. It helps in the strengthening of the arms, as the entire body is balanced on it. It also improves the overall balance of the body and strengthens the shoulders. The position which Riddhima can be seen performing, helps in the structure development of the core and the spine.

A few days back, Riddhima shared another picture of herself practicing Chakrasana with her pet dog for company. In the picture, Riddhima can be seen lying flat on her back on a yoga mat. She then forms a curve with the body, while resting her feet and palms on the floor.


Here’s a picture of Riddhima performing the elbow stand. This exercise helps in energising the body and the mind and increases blood circulation to the brain.


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The one where Riddhima took up the one-minute headstand challenge.


Riddhima’s Instagram posts inspire us to take up yoga for today and every other day. And like she puts it, “Strong is the goal.”

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