Restaurant-Style Hari Chutney: Make Irresistible Fresh Coriander Chutney In Just 20 Minutes


Chutneys are an all-time favourite accompaniment with any Indian food, and thanks to our culture and heritage, we get to enjoy varieties of it. But, we can all agree to the fact that green mint chutney is prefered the most and tastes delicious with all kinds of tikkis, chaat or even dal chawal. Even though most of us make the yummy green chutney at home, it hardly tastes anything like the one we eat at restaurants. So, if you also want to make a thick, creamy, bright green spicy and yummy chutney at your home – Chef Saransh Goila has the perfect recipe for you.

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At some point, we all have tried to make restaurant-style chutney and failed at it despite going through many recipes. But thanks to Chef Goila, now we have an easy recipe through which we might get a spicy and yummy green chutney that would go well with your snacks and other meals. As the chef posted this recipe on his Instagram, he wrote “Small tips and tricks to make DAHI CHUTNEY super green and nice and thick. Don’t blend yoghurt in the mixer with the green paste always after, and use ice cubes to make the paste. Try this with any tikka you’d like or with Papad!” Take a look at his post:

To make this yummy dahi chutney, you would need two cups of coriander, one cup mint, two-inch ginger, four green chillies, and five-six garlic cloves. In a blender, add these ingredients with three-fourth of the ice cubes and two tablespoons of water. Blend it well.

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Then in a separate bowl, take one cup of thick dahi, to this, add one teaspoon of jeera powder amchur powder and salt and half teaspoon of black salt. Mix it and add the prepared green paste. Slowly fold these two together until they combine. Chill your chutney in the refrigerator and enjoy with any dish!

Make this dish today, and let us know how you liked it!

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