Republic Day 2021: 10 Traditional Breakfast Recipes From 10 Different States Of India

Republic Day 2021: 10 Traditional Breakfast Recipes From 10 Different States Of India


  • India celebrates Republic Day on January 26, 2021.
  • People enjoy lavish desi breakfast while watching parade on TV.
  • We bring different breakfast recipes from across India.

Republic Day 2021: India is all set to celebrate Republic Day on 26th January 2021. Markets are filled with tri-colour flags, badges, tri-colour sweets and more. Every year, people across the country observe this day with parades, patriotic songs, flag hoisting in schools, offices and societies. However, the major attraction of the day remains the Republic Day Parade at Delhi’s Rajpath. Almost every person sits before the television early in the morning to watch the National parade and other programs, telecasted live from the national capital. Another factor that makes the day yet more special is a lavish family breakfast in the morning. In fact, Republic Day is one of those few holidays when every member of the family gathers in the morning and indulges in a wholesome breakfast together. And what’s better than a desi morning meal to kick-start the Republic Day celebrations.

On the occasion of Republic Day 2021, we handpicked 10 traditional breakfast ideas (along with recipes) from across India for you to relish. Read on.

Republic Day Special Menu: Here’re 10 Traditional Breakfast Recipes From 10 Indian States:

Aloo Paratha From Punjab:

Parathas, with a dollop of makkhan and achar, spells indulgence. It is rich, fulfilling and has a fan following across the country. While different kinds of stuffed parathas are available in Punjabi cuisine, aloo paratha holds a special place in every foodie’s heart. Greasy parathas stuffed with spicy mashed aloo – this popular breakfast food is just irresistible. Click here for the recipe.

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aaloo paratha

Bedmi Puri And Aloo Sabzi From Uttar Pradesh:

This quintessential breakfast combo from Uttar Pradesh can win every heart in no time. Bedmi poori is basically crispy poori filled with dal stuffing. Take a wholesome bite of this stuffed poori along with spicy aloo curry and relish. Click here for the complete recipe.

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Pyaaz Ki Kachori From Rajasthan:

Round and crunchy kachori stuffed with spicy onion and masala filling, this traditional snack from Rajasthan can be enjoyed any time of the day. You may either have it in the morning with sonth ki chutney or pair it with a cup of hot chai in evening. It is easy to make and a must-try for all. Click here for recipe. 

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Luchi-Cholar Dal From West Bengal:

A Bengali version of poori, luchi is soft, flaky and is made out of maida (all-purpose flour). You can have it with any veg or non-veg gravy-based dish; but trust us, it tastes the best with chholar dal – a sweet-and-spicy dal made with Bengal gram (chana dal). Click here for luchi recipe. And if you want to try chholar dal too, here’s the recipe for you – click here.

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Sattu Ka Paratha From Bihar:

Sattu is one common food ingredient in every part of Bihar. It is healthy, fulfilling and versatile to the core. From soothing sattu drink to sattu churma – you will get different recipes made out of this desi ingredient. But what we feel is a must-try for all is a wholesome sattu paratha with baingan bharta. Cooked in desi ghee, it makes for a high-protein meal in the morning. Click here for the recipe.

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Poha-Jalebi From Madhya Pradesh

Poha makes for a healthy breakfast choice for all. It is light, nutritious and super fulfilling. But have you ever tried it with jalebi? This popular breakfast combo from Madhya Pradesh offers a burst of flavours to your palate. And if you want to enjoy the authentic taste, add Indori jeeravan masala to the poha recipe. Click here for Madhya Pradesh-style poha and jeeravan masala recipe.

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Kanda Poha Maharashtra

Visit any Maharashtrian household, you find kanda poha to be a constant breakfast food for all. As the name suggests, it is basically a spicy poha recipe loaded with kanda (onion) and a handful of crunchy nuts. Click here for the recipe.

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Dhokla From Gujarat

You may also consider having Gujarati Dhokla in the on the Republic Day morning. It is soft, fluffy, light on the stomach and can be made in no time. Click here to know to make dhokla in a microwave oven.

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Neer Dosa From Karnataka

Literally meaning water (neer) dosa, this thin and soft dosa is an indispensable part of Mangalorean cuisine from Karnataka. Pair it with chutney of your choice and make for a wholesome meal in no time. Click here for the recipe.

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Appam And Stew From Kerala

A soft and super-thin crepe with hot coconut milk-based vegetable stew, this combo from Kerala makes for an ultimate breakfast treat. It also soothes your soul and warms you up from within. Click here for Kerala stew recipe. Click here for appam recipe.


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Happy Republic Day 2021, everyone!

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