Rakulpreet Singh’s “Post Pack Up Devotion” Is All About Food


What’s the best way to celebrate an early pack up from the shoot. We don’t know about other celebrities but Rakul Preet Singh seems dedicated to food alone. In a video that she shared on Instagram Stories, the actress is seen poring over a pan of vegetable curry while it’s being prepared. The cooking team didn’t need an elaborate kitchen for this. Just an induction cooktop, a pan, and an assortment of vegetables are enough. The curry in the making is made of potato cubes and cauliflower chunks. Rakul Preet wrote on the video, “Post-pack up dedication. In-room chefs.” She also shouts in the video, “Healthy.” 

A yummy curry in the making on the set

After the actor was done enjoying the luxurious early pack-up meal, she asked her fans and friends they wanted to chat and questions poured in on her Instagram Q&A. When asked about her favourite food, Rakul Preet posted a photo of a regular Indian platter and wrote, “Simple home food.” 


Rakulpreet loves nothing more than a plate of homemade food

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Then, another user asked if she was a healthy foodie. To this, Rakul Preet enthusiastically replied, “Yes…yes…yes” and shared a photo of herself devouring a millet bowl of veggies.


Millets are the actors new favourite grain

But, like many of us, Rakul Preet Singh has her cheat days too. What’s a better treat on cheat days than cakes and desserts? In one photo, Rakul Preet is seen excited with her plate of chocolate desserts. She excused herself by writing, “The good kind of cheaters.”

Rakul Preet is big on healthy food and she can finish a barnyard millet dosa in a moment. The actress loved the dish so much that she posted about it and called it a “superfood.” Here’s her caption, “Polished off this plate of barnyard millet dosa. And, oh boy. How yummy was it…Millets are ‘prebiotics’ and can help you stay lean and healthy. So, I make sure I eat a variety of them.”

Need tips from Rakul Preet Singh about proper diet? She will keep the request. When the summer heat was raging across the country she kept us posted with refreshing drinks. Here’s her recommendation: barley water. In the photo, Rakul Preet holds a glass of the “cool drink.” She wrote in the caption, “It will rid you of all summer woes; be it bloating, acne or any digestive issue. Ise kehte hai: ‘chota naam, bada kaam’.”

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We leave Rakul Preet Singh to her paradise of healthy food and wait to see what’s cooking next.

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