Rakulpreet Singh’s Healthy Breakfast Looks Too Delicious To Miss


A healthy and nutritious breakfast is an excellent way to begin the day. Eating a healthy breakfast ensures high-energy levels that keep your mind active and productive. Seems like actress Rakul Preet Singh agrees with us on this. The actress shared a picture of her scrumptious breakfast which includes dosa and sambar. While the meal looked absolutely drool-worthy, we were left intrigued by the ingredients used to make the dosa. Rakul Preet in her caption, alongside the picture, wrote about the unique millet used to make the dosa and its innumerable health benefits. The actress also urged her fans and followers to include the healthy millet in their own diet. 

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She wrote, tagging her nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal, “Polished off this plate of barnyard millet dosa. And oh boy, how yummy it was. Millets are ‘prebiotics’ and can help you stay lean and healthy. So, I make sure I eat a variety of them. By the way, when are you adding this superfood to your diet?” 

Barnyard millet is a wild seed that grows in the hilly terrains of the state of Uttaranchal in India. In Hindi barnyard millet is known as samvat ke chawal. The millet is low in calories and a rich source of dietary fibre that can help regulate digestion. Barnyard millet is also considered to be gluten-free. 

Coming back to Rakul Preet who is a self-confessed foodie. The actress had previously shared her hilariously failed attempt at making pancakes at home. Read all about it here.

Rakul Preet maintains a healthy and nutritious diet. Earlier the actress had given us a glimpse into her delicious and healthy lunch that left us drooling. Rakul Preet relished a steaming hot plate of home-cooked palak pulao along with a dollop of lip-smacking desi Ghar ka achaar. Read about it here.

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The actor ensures that her sweet tooth cravings are also healthy and guilt-free. Don’t believe us? Check out the post in which the actress is seen indulging in decadent oats and banana chocolate cake. The actress posted the picture of the moist and tasty cake on her Instagram Stories leaving us craving for the sweetmeat. 

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