Rakul Preet kickstarts Yoga Day by doing Kunjar Kriya to feel happy, energetic


Today is International Day of Yoga, and celebrities have been taking to social media to celebrate the day on a healthy note. Yoga is a great way to keep our mind and body healthy. No one knows this better than actor Rakul Preet Singh. She often shares videos and pictures of herself doing yoga asanas, and today, she revealed a yogic kriya that she follows to stay happy and energetic.

To celebrate International Yoga Day on June 21, Rakul Preet shared a routine, which she does first thing in the morning. According to her post, the actor follows a yogic kriya called Kunjar Kriya. It helps her in feeling super clean, light, happy and energetic. She shared a picture of herself lounging on a recliner in a floral dress and holding up a glass of water.

“Started off Yoga day today by doing Kunjar kriya, as advised by my holistic nutritionist @munmun.ganeriwal..Feeling super clean, light, happy and energetic #yogickriya #yogaday2021,” Rakul captioned the post.

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What is Kunjar Kriya?

Kunjar Kriya is a yogic purification technique. It helps in cleansing the body from the inside. It is performed early in the morning on an empty stomach. It solves problems related to digestion like acidity, indigestion, gas and more. By practising this kriya, one can easily remove tiny particles of toxic undigested food from the stomach lining.

To know the steps to follow this routine, one can always connect with a nutritionist or a yoga practitioner and know all the details.

Benefits of Kunjar Kriya:

Kunjar Kriya is a great detox and cleansing technique. It helps in removing all the toxins created in our body. The biggest benefit of this technique is it improves the strength of the entire digestive system. It also helps in clearing excess mucus in the respiratory system, which is why this kriya is often recommended to asthma patients.

International Day of yoga is celebrated on June 21 every year since 2015. How are you celebrating the day today?

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