Rahul Vaidya Celebrated His Social Media Milestone With These Yummy Cakes


Singer Rahul Vaidya is on cloud nine. The Bigg Boss star who recently got married to his girlfriend Disha Parmar has another reason to celebrate. Rahul has crossed over two million followers on Instagram and celebrated the milestone like a true foodie, surrounded by cakes. The singer shared photos of the celebration on Instagram and all we can say is that after one look at the lovely cakes, we were ready to say goodbye to our diets. Rahul chose to cut, not one, but two cakes on the occasion. While one cake was a fun take on the classic chocolate Bundt cake, the other was also a gorgeous creation with white and dark chocolate frosting.

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Rahul can be seen posing with the rich chocolate Bundt cake that was filled with chocolate sauce and chocolate toppings. The second cake was a taller one and featured a top half of white frosting and a button half of dark frosting. This was also decorated with golden toppings and a bunch of white macarons. As an ode to the singer in him, it was also decorated with a golden microphone.

Take a look at the lovely cakes here:

This is not the first time Rahul proved that he is serious about the cakes he chooses for special occasions. For his wedding with Disha Parmar, the couple opted for a grand cake. And they made sure it was a cake that would be remembered for a long time by choosing to go with a 5-tier treat that looked decadent and worthy of a grand ceremony.  To make it special for the couple, the cake had the initials “R” and “D” inscribed in gold on it. It was decorated with pink and white flowers and looked elegant and delicious all at once. 

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If all this chatter about cakes has made you hungry for some, we recommend that you take a look at these seven unique and simple chocolate cake recipes.

However, if cakes are too decadent for you, you can also take a cue from Rahul’s cake and opt to just have some macarons. And for those of you on a diet, this gluten-free raspberry macaron recipe is what you need.

Tell us what you think of Rahul Vaidya’s choice of cakes in the comments. 

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