Ragi Coffee Cake Recipe: A Healthy Treat For Lovers Of All Things Coffee


Weight loss is a journey which we all constantly strive towards. Experts and nutritionists recommend making lifestyle changes instead of embarking on fad diets in order to keep weight in check. There are a number of switches and swaps that you can make in the regular diet. Whole grains and flours such as Ragi, for instance, should definitely be included in the diet; as they are complex carbohydrates which take longer to get digested. If you love all things healthy and delicious, we have found just the recipe you need! This Ragi Coffee cake is light and subtle, abundantly bursting with all flavours wholesome and coffee-licious.

The goodness of coffee comes together with wholesome Ragi flour in this divine recipe. Caffeine addicts would love a dose of their favourite beverage in whatever they eat, which is why this Ragi Coffee cake is the perfect treat for them. The use of Ragi flour instead of Maida in this cake makes it a healthy alternative which is packed with nutritional benefits as well. Ragi is said to be rich in fibre as well, thus helping you stay full and satiated for longer.

Ragi flour is a healthy switch for Maida. 

The recipe begins by melting butter in a double boiler, and then whisking it. Sugar is slowly added to the butter in order to completely mix it. Ghee and jaggery can also be used as healthier alternatives in this yummy recipe. Now, add the eggs and whip the mixture till soft, white peaks form. Slowly sift in the dry ingredients to this wet mixture, with the help of a sieve. Keep mixing so that no lumps are formed. Add the coffee in the very end by mixing it with hot water. Bake at 150 degrees for 15 minutes and your healthy treat is ready!

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