Quick Recipes: How To Make Chicken Schezwan Rice From Scratch



  • Schezwan sauce is spicy and pungent sauce
  • Schezwan sauce can be made at home
  • Chicken Schezwan rice is a delight at time of the day

Let’s admit it. Much before our palate became so global, much before we knew so much about the gourmet cheeses, and the pasta sauces, the meringue and macaroons – the only ‘non-Indian’ cuisine we were truly familiar with was Chinese, or more specifically ‘Indo-Chinese’. ‘Indo-Chinese’ cuisine is an umbrella term used for dishes that have been modified the ‘desi’ way. They are spicier, edgier and replete with drama. And if you also count yourself as one of the biggest fans of ‘Indo-Chinese food’, we have something that is sure to make you grin.

This Chicken Schezwan rice recipe has all it takes to be a showstopper at any spread. Schezwan sauce, as most of us know, is a fiery, red sauce that can spruce up our noodles, rice, meat or veggies with its tingling flavours. Nowadays, you can easily purchase a jar of Schezwan sauce from the market and add it to your food, but why go that far when you can make the delicious condiment at home.
This recipe has three main components, the sauce (you just have to get it right), the chicken (the crispier the better), and the rice (which is actually the easiest part of the recipe).

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To make your Schezwan sauce to be as spicy and pungent as you expect it to be you would need a handful of common ingredients such as soya sauce, vinegar, chilli sauce, salt, oil and Worcestershire sauce (optional).

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Schezwan sauce is a kind of a chilli sauce. 

The recipe is a rich medley of veggies, perfectly fried rice, chicken and hot and chilli sauce. And it is okay if you do not have the veggies listed here in the recipe, you can use whatever is available around you. This recipe uses a crunch mix of spring onions, mushrooms, French beans, carrots, and celery. The addition of onion and garlic is important as it lends this recipe a certain boldness.

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Chicken tossed in schezwan sauce is always a treat

The recipe uses chunks of chicken and shrimp or prawns, if you wish you can use either of the two, or none if you feel like giving this recipe a vegetarian twist. Once everything is mixed, cook and toss on high heat and serve hot. The rice is so flavourful on its own that it needs no accompaniment or gravy whatsoever.


Here is the full recipe of Chicken Schezwan rice. 

Try it at home and let us know how you liked it!

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