Priyanka Chopra’s Summertime In London Is All Things Refreshing And Fruity; Take A Look


At some point, we all have walked around the market for hours wishing that we had something cold to drink. It could be a glass of water, juice or any aerated drink that would cool us down in the scorching heat. And now, with the monsoon season, the humidity is at its peak, which makes us sweat and crave something refreshing during this season. So, as we seek to make our own drinks during summers, we try various fruity and fizzy combinations to make. And it seems like Priyanka Chopra has found a perfect blend of a fruity and fizzy drink that you would love to get your hands upon.

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Recently on Instagram, Priyanka Chopra shared a photo of an extremely refreshing looking reddish-white fizzy drink with the goodness of orange and blueberry. In the story, she wrote “Summertime In London.” Take a look:

This drink looks absolutely delicious, and you would also love to make it. If this has made you crave something cold and refreshing, we have some interesting summer drinks recipes for you.

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As Priyanka Chopra keeps on sharing glimpses of her life on Instagram, we have come to realize that she surely is a foodie. The actress loves to indulge in meals like fried eggs, pizzas, steak and waffles. With this, she earlier also revealed that her favourite desi meal is the everyday dal and roti!

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