Priyanka Chopra’s Restaurant Sona Has Won Anupam Kher’s Heart, Here’s Why


Have you been following Anupam Kher’s latest adventure on Instagram? If you haven’t then you are missing out on the fun! Anupam Kher is in the United States of America! Yes, the seasoned Bollywood actor is in North America shooting for a new film. Wondering which film is it? It is ‘Shiv Shastri Balboa’. The film is being shot all over the States as we see Anupama Kher travel from one place to another within the country. From meeting Robert De Niro to riding with a biker gang, the actor has done it all!

‘Shiv Shastri Balboa’ will be Anupam Kher’s 519th film of his acting career. On his travels for the film, he had a stopover in New York where he ate a delicious meal at none other than Priyanka Chopra’s restaurant, Sona! He was so happy with his dinner at the restaurant that he ended posting about his visit on his Instagram page. He uploaded a carousel that is filled with photos and videos about his experience. He captured his interactions with the phenomenal staff of the restaurant and the delicious food he had in his videos. He ate chaat papdi, bhel puri and much more! See the post here:

He also gave a heartfelt caption to the post. “Dearest @priyankachopra!!! It was really a pleasure to have dinner at your wonderful restaurant @sonanewyork. Everything was great. Food, ambience, fantastic staff headed by chef @harinayak. You have given us Indians one more reason to be proud of you. Keep it up. You are the bestest. Jai Ho! #Food #Restaurant #IndianInAmerica”

Priyanka Chopra’s restaurant has been the talk of the town ever since it has opened! The restaurant’s menu serves dishes like gol gappa shots and butter chicken, becoming a home away from home for Indian foodies. And that is what it did for Anupam Kher as well!

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