Prevent hair loss in winters with these easy Ayurveda tips


Your shiny and lustrous locks may lose their strength and vitality in winters as the temperature drops. While that may break your heart every day, you need not lose your sleep over it as there is a reason why your hair, like your skin, suffer during the cold weather. 

The chilly air outside can actually suck out moisture from your hair, making them appear dry and brittle. With the drop in temperature, your hair may stop absorbing or retaining enough moisture which could make them lackluster and lead to hair loss.

If you are thinking of buying some expensive hair care products to fix your hair woes, that might not be the best solution to stop hair fall in winter. Using some age-old remedies like amla, oiling, or watching your diet, can in fact prove to be a saviour for your hair, as per Ayurveda.

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There are some ancient home remedies that Ayurveda recommends to make your hair follicles strong and healthy. If you are not a fan of oiling your hair, it’s time to do so for the sake of your hair. There are a variety of options to choose from – coconut oil, amla oil, castor oil, bhringraj oil to sesame oil.

If you notice that your hair lack nourishment, you should immediately start a healthy diet including seasonal vegetables and pulses. According to Ayurveda preparing fresh meals can also do the trick. Ayurveda expert Dr Dixa Bhavsar shares some Ayurvedic gems for her followers on her Instagram page. She says putting ghee drops in your nostrils can not only prevent hair fall but also premature greying of hair.

Here are some tips and tricks by Dr Bhavsar to address your winter hair fall woes:


Consume Amla daily: You can have amla shot in the morning, or just bite into amla or dry them and have it in powder form, as chyawanprash or juice- as you please.

Oil your hair: “Yes, it’s mandatory, I know these days most of us like to avoid it and instead of fancy popping biotin and iron pills. But your hair need nourishment either, just the way your body needs. Oil your hair at least once/twice a week (whatever works for your hair),” says Dr Bhavsar.

Consume jaggery: Jaggery is best consumed in winter. It helps with digestion issues, low haemoglobin, sweet cravings and keeps you warm. Replace your sugar with jaggery. Have a piece of jaggery after meals or just make healthy energy balls out of it.

The Ayurveda expert says sesame is best to prevent hair fall in winter. Consume til ladoos or chikkis to get rid of hair fall.

Watch your diet. Since its winter and your digestion is at its peak, doesn’t mean you binge on all junk and fried food whenever you feel hungry. Try to have warm, fresh and home-cooked meals and do not forget to exercise, says the expert.

Ghee: She also suggests adding ghee to the meals as it is the best moisturiser for your gut and skin. Massaging the foot at bedtime is another tip that Dr Bhavsar shares with her followers as it helps with sound sleep and nourishes the body and the mind.

Nasya: Putting ghee drops in nostrils at night is best for everything from hair fall, grey hair to stress and insomnia.

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