Prateik Babbar’s Boxing fight with fitness coach is not for the faint-hearted


Prateik Babbar loves his time in the gym. When not playing characters for the big screen, the actor is often spotted in his favourite place doing his favourite thing – in the gym, working out. Prateik Babbar swears by high intensity workouts and boxing and it shows on him.

On Saturday, Prateik shared multiple snippets from his gym diaries with his fitness coach and some of them are not for the faint-hearted. Prateik loves to get his adrenaline rush from boxing with his fitness coach, and some of the sneak peeks were shared for his Instagram family.

In the videos, Prateik and his coach can be seen engaging in a boxing fight. Dressed in a black jacket and a black pair of trousers, Prateik can be seen going on to his fitness coach, who can be swiftly seen combating the actor’s efforts of pinning him down.

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In another video, Prateik can be seen practising his karate kicks while his coach held the cushions higher for him and made him challenge himself. “What a rush. Super pumped for the ride!.. see y’all in the cage,” an excerpt of Prateik’s post read.

Take a look at his videos here:


In one of the videos, Prateik’s fitness coach can be seen holding him by the waist and throwing him down on the floor, while Prateik sat and looked on. In the later part of the video, Prateik, dressed in a black tee shirt can be seen trying to dodge punches from his coach.

Boxing, as performed by Prateik in the videos, comes with a lot of health benefits. It improves cardiovascular health and develops overall body strength. It also enhances hand-eye coordination, stamina and endurance. If incorporated in the daily fitness routine, boxing helps in increasing muscle mass and decreasing stress. However, it is always advised to perform boxing in the presence of a professional, to avoid injuries.

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