‘Pilates girl’ Sara Ali Khan’s workout video is all the fitness inspo we need for today


Sara Ali Khan’s workout videos are a marvel to watch. Sara, who swears by Pilates and wears it proudly on her tee shirts, are often seen working out like a beast in the gym. Her workout videos often make their way on our Instagram feed and we cannot help but drool.

Sara Ali Khan, when working out, is mostly in her tee shirts that says “Pilates girl.” Well, she is one, too. Sara’s fitness trainer Namrata Purohit often shares her workout videos and gives us a sneak peek of the kind of dedication that Sara has for her fitness routine.

It may be the weekend for us, but for Sara, it is just another reason to hit the gym and give her best. Namrata shared an Instagram reel on her Instagram profile on Saturday where Sara can be seen working out on various Pilates routines to stay in shape.

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“Pilates Girl Sara Ali Khan. Here’s a glimpse of Sara Ali Khan ‘s workout, must watch this video till the end,” wrote Namrata in the caption. Take a look at the video here:


In the video, Sara can be seen using gym equipment to work on various fitness routines. She can be seen doing squats while balancing her feet on two plates on a yoga mat. In the later part of the video, on a hemispherical equipment, Sara can be seen balancing her body and working on her arm and leg muscles. She also can be seen lifting weights.

“This one was a tough one – slow controlled movements working up to a slow and intense burn, friction training with the flowing, core stability and more on the corestix, balance and more work on the arc barrel,” wrote Namrata in her caption. In the end of the video, Sara can be seen summing up her feeling in these words – “I feel energised, I feel strong, I feel exhausted.” “I think she did very well,” Namrata summed up her post.

Pilates, as performed by Sara in the video, comes with multiple health benefits. It helps in developing the core strength – primarily the body part from where all movements stem out. It also helps in enhancing energy, improving posture and decreasing stress.

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