Pickled Garlic Is The Latest Food Trend That’s Making Twitter Curious


Pickled garlic is the latest viral food trend.Photo: Image Instagrammed by @golden.tahdig

The internet has its own share of bizarre foods. We often see a number of eccentric creations go viral on social media. Whether it’s Maggi Laddoo or Croissant Vada Pav, netizens can’t get enough of these absurd bursts of creativity by food bloggers and creators. Twitter users have a hard time digesting these unique fusion foods. The latest food trend on the block is pickled garlic, and netizens’ curiosity has been piqued by this strange and unique food. Are you wondering what pickled garlic is all about? Here’s a lowdown:

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The easy recipe for pickled garlic has been taking the internet by storm. This recipe is a class apart from your usual pickle, as the resulting garlic is more of a snackable treat. The strong pungent flavour is also reduced, making it a delicious and revamped in an all-new avatar. Pickled garlic requires a simple process of preserving the garlic in a mix of vinegar and assorted spices and herbs. Once the garlic is fermented and ready-to-eat, it can be had raw or combined with other snacks.

The interesting food trend of spicy pickled garlic made Twitter users curious about trying it. Several expressed their interest about this food trend, while others couldn’t understand what the hype was all about.

Take a look at what Twitter users thought:

Let’s see how the pickled garlic food trend shapes out in the coming future. Do you think it will become a rage or will the fad die down? Tell us in the comments below.

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