Pic Of ‘Flower Tacos’ Is Viral On Twitter, And It Looks Too Perfect To Eat


Cooking is no less than an art, with every step requiring patience and attention to detail. Every dish we eat isn’t just about pleasing just the palate but appealing to multiple senses at once. Expert chefs and sous chefs are now heeding to the way that their dishes are plated too. Thus, the way that the dish is presented also makes a lot of difference to how we perceive it. A recent viral picture is proof that the plating of food can make a huge impact on how much it is appreciated. Take a look at these unique ‘Flower Tacos’ shared by Twitter user @cecysux:

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The photograph of ‘Flower Tacos’ received over 164k likes and 28k retweets on Twitter. “So this is love huh,” wrote the user sharing the picture. Hundreds of users poured in their appreciation for the patience and dedication it took to create the taco bouquet.

In the picture, tacos were arranged side-by-side to resemble the petals of a flower. The shells were filled with meat chunks and kidney beans. The centre of the flower was made with chopped onion, and the stems with coriander or cilantro leaves. Slices of lemon were used to depict the grass, completing the flower Taco image.

Many users were surprised to see the wonderful Mexican delight.. “I would marry this person,” said one user while another wanted to know how much time it took to make these. Take a look at the reactions:

We would surely love to see more such glimpses of creativity by internet users! What did you think of the Flower Tacos? Tell us in the comments below.

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