Pastry Chef Makes Chocolate Dumbbell For Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Birthday


Finding the motivation to work out regularly can be difficult. If you are thinking about your next meal while performing a bench press, you are not alone. And it appears that it is this very category of food lovers that has inspired pastry chef Amaury Guichon to come up with his latest creation. The chef, who is known for his life-like chocolate sculptures captured the hearts of hundreds of reluctant gym-goers and foodies when revealed his latest creation — a chocolate dumbbell. Sharing a video of the work that went into creating the special dish, Amaury wrote, “Cheat day and workout now all combined in one experience, no wonder my workout routine isn’t efficient!”

The cake was made as a gift to actor Dwayne Johnson for this 49th birthday. Addressing Dwayne by his popular moniker ‘The Rock‘, the chef said, “Happy 49th birthday to the Man @therock I hope you will enjoy your gift! I had a lot of fun working on this project.” Take a look:

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The video has received over 302k likes and 3.4 million views since the time it was shared. While Dwayne Johnson is yet to react to the impressive chocolate dumbbell, it surely managed to make social media users happy. Several users praised the chef’s skills and as well as his creative bent of mind, and others just wanted a bite of the yummy dumbbell. One user cheekily said, “Hire me to eat all the chocolate shavings bestie. I’ll even do it for free.”

Another comment read, “The only weights I want to lift.” “Can I add these weights to my program?” asked a user by the name Taylor. It is not just the chocolate dumbbell that chef Amaury has created lately. He also made a lantern using pecan nuts as the star ingredient. Sharing a video of the cooking process, he wrote, “The Lantern! Very technical creation around the Pecan nuts! What do you think?”

This creation also left fans amazed. Renowned pastry chef Kirsten Tibballs, too, was left in awe of the dish. “You are so so clever,” she said in a comment. Take a look at some of his other creative desserts.

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Chef Amaury Guichon’s creations reinforce the truth that cooking really is an art. Tell us what you think of his amazing desserts.

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