Parineeti Chopra Finally Reunites With Her Favorite Beverage, Can You Guess What It Is


Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra is known for her love for food. She often shares snapshots of all the delicious food she indulges in with her 33 million fans on her social media account. But, this time, what surprised everyone was her intense love for coffee. Coffee is much more than just a beverage for Parineeti. If you want proof, go check out her new post on Instagram. In the video clip, Parineeti is seen sipping a cup. The actress admits that she is having coffee after 4 weeks. She captioned the video, “No caffeine for a month? You would also hug your coffee.” She looks into the camera and says, “I am taking my first sip after 4 weeks.” Then she takes a sip and looks at the coffee mug to say, “I missed you so much, my friend.” Parineeti may have refrained from caffeine for a month but she is truly happy to finally have her cup of coffee back.

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No matter whether Parineeti Chopra is in India or abroad, she manages to make herself happy with the food she gorges on. Some days ago, Parineeti uploaded a video where she is scraping off honey from a honeycomb and tasting it. She is accompanied by a young girl. The caption of this post says, “Small experiences like this make me smile. Getting my own fresh honey for today.”

A few weeks ago, Parineeti Chopra was staying in London. And she posted a picture of a hearty Indian meal that left us drooling. She visited a restaurant in London to savor the taste of Indian cuisine. The caption has our heart. Read it here, “I haven’t been to India since March. Simple dal, roti, and rice brought tears to my eyes.”

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Here, Parineeti Chopra is seen hugging a dish made of fresh vegetables. This was from her vacation in Austria. The actress said that such good food needed to be hugged. Well, we are with you, Parineeti.

Parineeti Chopra is a foodie in the true sense. Do you agree?

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