Parineeti Chopra Enjoys This Delectable Platter Of All Things Homemade


Parineeti Chopra is having a fabulous time driving, meeting friends, and enjoying the monsoon. But she’s enjoying something even more, and that’s food! Parineeti’s love for food is known to one and all. So, when she recently visited her friends, they had a feast waiting for her. The actress did not budge before putting up a photo of the table on Instagram. What did we see? Parineeti showed us a delicious meal of dal, chicken, and chutneys waiting for her. She also had a bowl of lemons and onion salad on the side.

All the dishes seem to be a part of Indian cuisine and nothing could’ve been a better treat for Parineeti. Here’s the meal she sat at:

Parineeti enjoyed a delicious homemade platter 

Parineeti’s love for Indian food was revealed when she showed up at an Indian restaurant during her recent stay in London. She couldn’t hold her joy after eating dal, roti, and rice after being away from home for a few months. Her glee in these photos shows it all.

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Parineeti Chopra can make us rush back to our roots with her love for Indian food. With her recent treat at her friends’ place, she is already making us hungry for some Indian dal and chicken curry. So, why not recreate Parineeti’s meal in our own kitchen?

First and foremost, we noticed two bowls of what looked like chicken curry on Parineeti’s photo and it right away reminded us of the famous Kolhapuri chicken curry. It’s a spicy recipe using red chilies, garlic paste, and lots of Indian spices. The Kolhapuri masala also needs grated coconut and tomatoes. Find the full recipe of Kolhapuri chicken curry here.

We also noticed Parineeti ready to relish a yummy bowl of dal. Indian pulses are a yummy and comforting source of protein. It’s quite a regular recipe in every household in India. However, what if we want to ditch the oil in the tadka? Here’s a way to add tadka to the dal without using oil. Curious? Check out the recipe here.


A hearty Indian platter is never complete without some simple dal in it

Another cuisine on Parineeti’s table could be a dish of chana or chickpeas cooked with desiccated coconut and herbs. Head to this recipe of chana masala to try out a chickpea dish. Add grated coconut and herbs on top as we see in Parineeti’s photo.

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Parineeti’s platter seemed to include a red chutney too. You, too, can rustle up a red chutney with tomatoes. Spice it up with garlic, mustard seeds, and red chilies. Click here for the recipe for this fiery dish.

Let’s raise a toast to delectable Indian dishes with these yummy recipes.

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