On A Diet? Here’s A High-Protein, Low Carb Chicken Taco Recipe You Would Thank Us For


Chicken taco is inarguably one of the most renowned fast foods that we know of. The Mexican snack is made with a crunchy taco shell, folded in a semi-circular shape. It is filled with a range of things like lettuce that not only enhances its health quotient but also adds a good amount of freshness and crunch. If you are out of lettuce, you can use cabbage leaf too. Then, there are meat and veggies that add bulk to the taco. The smears and sauces are equally important for the whole flavour to come out. 
From the looks of it, taco is a fairly simple snack. You just need a perfect shell, post which you just have to stuff it with fillings. But you have to keep a number of things in mind; for instance, the layers, the amount in which you have to add everything. And if you are dieting, you may have to reconsider the whole idea of the taco shell too. Yes, you heard us. Crispy taco shells are mostly fried and hence laden with calories. While making them at home, you can, of course, monitor the amount of oil used, or better still do away with taco shells!

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A lot of people are ‘healthifying’ their tacos by replacing their conventional taco shells with something that is low in carbs and low in calories like lettuce or cabbage leaf. Pick out the ones that are on the outer sides so you get a nice-cup shape taco. 

Chicken is a source of lean protein

In this recipe, all you need to do is prepare a super-simple chicken filling with marinated chicken. Shallow-fry it in oil, until it is cooked. Place the chicken into the lettuce cup followed by a touch of salsa, yogurt or any dip of your choice. Do not put the dips before or your lettuce will turn soggy. Serve immediately. 

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Tacos are a Mexican snack | Photo credit: iStock

Chicken is an incredible source of protein which is considered very instrumental in weight-loss, and sustaining the same too. It also helps build muscle, and aid muscle recovery. 
Here is the full recipe of guilt-free tacos.

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