Not Just Weight Loss, Lemon Juice May Help Manage Kidney Stones Too



  • Lemon juice is considered to be helpful in weight loss
  • Lemon juice could help manage kidney stones as well
  • Lemon juice can do wonders for digestion too

Very few people wouldn’t know about kidney stones in today’s day and age. It is one of the most prevalent conditions and if you have any friend or relative with kidney stones, you may have already heard graphic details of the excruciating pain that is associated with it. So, what are these stones and how do they reach your kidneys after all?

So kidney stones do not reach your kidney, they are formed there. A kidney stone is defined as a tiny, hard deposit that is formed in kidneys that makes passing urine very painful. Severe abdominal pain accompanied by nausea is a symptom of kidney stone, so is swelling and constant urge to urinate. These hard deposits of minerals and acid salts stick together and often grow bigger in size and turn even more painful in lack of proper care and attention. Some kidney stones get so big that they often require surgery to be pulled out. Sometimes, however, they could be managed naturally through diet and a proper lifestyle. Kidney stones problem is curable and relatively easy to deal with, provided they are diagnosed in initial stages. 

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Lemon juice is an excellent way to stay hydrated

How Can Drinking Lemon Juice Help Manage And Prevent Kidney Stones 


Drinking water is key to manage kidney stones. You have to keep hydrating yourself to break the stones in smaller stones so that they could pass through your urinary tract. Stay hydrated also prevents the development of kidney stones in the first place, as per many experts. It is one simple preventive measure all of us should follow given the diet we mostly follow.  If the plain taste of water tends to get too boring for you, you may also opt for fresh and home-made juices. 

According to the book, ‘Healing Foods’ by DK Publishing House, lemons tend to have a high concentration of citrate; consuming dilute lemon juice or unsweetened lemonade daily may decrease the rate of stone formation. Ms Jyoti Bhat, Senior Dietician, Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre, Mumbai agrees, ” lemon juice is slightly acidic in nature and is high in citrate.  Citrate works to avoid the formation of calcium crystals which could lead to kidney stone formation. Also drinking lots of fluid in form of lime juice or any home-made fruit juice is helpful remove small stones from the body in many cases.”

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Lemon juice is effective against uric acid accumulation in the body
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A fresh glass of lemon juice is also good for digestion, detoxing the liver, weight loss, faster metabolism and diabetes management. Lemon juice is indeed a healing potion if consumed in moderation. 

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For good kidneys, a healthy diet is as important as hydration. Make sure you eat your lentils and legumes. Seasonal fruits are also very crucial in keeping your kidney healthy. Apple cider vinegar and orange juice are also known to manage kidney stones, but you must consult an expert for the recommended amount. 

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