Neha Kakkar’s Pani Poori Date With Husband Rohanpreet Singh Is Cute Than Ever


One of the most common street foods in India and the larger South Asian region, pani poori is loved by one and all. Even a sight of a pani poori stall on the roadside can be tempting; and it’s difficult to resist the urge to try it. Bollywood singer Neha Kakkar too recently savoured the mouth-watering snack with her husband, singer Rohanpreet Singh on the sets of their new song ‘Khad Tainu Main Dassa’. In a video shared on her Instagram handle, Neha is seen enjoying the popular street food with Rohanpreet. We could also see her telling her husband that the snack is delicious.

The best part of the snack is the spicy and tangy water that the small, round crispy pooris carry for a few moments before they vanish in our mouth. The pooris are also filled with chickpeas, potatoes and spices. The recipe is said to have its roots in Varanasi, but it’s now known by different names in different parts of India. In Maharashtra, it is called pani poori, while in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab it is known as golgappa. it is also called puchka in West Bengal and gupchup in parts of Odisha.

The dish can be easily prepared at home as well. Made of atta or suji, each poori is stuffed with boiled and mashed potatoes and chickpeas, while adding sweet and spicy chutneys enriches it. Pooris made with sooji are slightly lighter and crunchier. Click here for the recipe. The dish can be teamed with sonth ki chutney as well. 

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