Neha Dhupia Eats Her Way Through Monday Blues With Desserts, Kebabs And Hummus 


What can be the best version of a Monday to you? Perhaps, you would think about less work, less stress and less noise from the neighbourhood kids. For Neha Dhupia, her Monday was a tale of “more” and she hasn’t got anything to complain about. More food, more work, more books and, definitely, more Instagram Stories. Just a glimpse through her Stories and you’ll know that this foodie queen is not a tad bit shy to show the delicacies that can ward off any Monday blues in a snap.

Neha was all gaga with appreciation over a box of mouth-watering desserts packed and sent to her. “It looks gorgeous. Can’t wait to eat it,” said Neha as she hovered her camera over the beautifully decorated pack. The wooden basket consisted of three rows of puddings and mousse cakes curated for Neha.

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If we thought that was the end of Neha’s Monday food trip, we were in for a surprise in the next slide. We know Neha loves to munch on savoury delights and seldom minds the oil and creams. So, without further ado, she unleashed a gastronomic spectacle of kebabs and hummus to our sore eyes. What wouldn’t you find on that table of wonders? Kebabs, buns and a bowl of hummus that Neha couldn’t help but show off. Take a look: 

Instagram story by Neha Dhupia

In another story, we see Neha’s food haul over plates of chicken sticks, a dish of baked mutton shakshuka and desserts. We can be sure Neha had a delicious Monday treat with her husband Angad Bedi.

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But do not mistake Neha for a rash eater. She is far from that and we know it from her recent updates. Guess what the actress indulged in this morning? A healthy bowl of tangerines. She also wrote that she was indeed a “tangerine lover”. 


Neha Dhupia’s breakfast

Neha’s food trips had recently hit the headlines when she shared a video of Farah Khan offering Neha her “world-famous” Lokhandwala chicken. When asked about the food, Neha protested, “Do not disturb me.”

Who dares to disturb the food lover in her paradise?

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