Neena Gupta’s Yummy Chutney Recipe Is Going To Make Every Meal Interesting


Neena Gupta seems to be using her free time amid the pandemic very productively. The actress has been keeping herself busy in the kitchen by whipping up healthy and delectable meals. We are all aware of Neena Gupta’s acting prowess, but her hidden talent as the queen of the kitchen has left us all in awe of the multitalented icon. Showing off her culinary skills, the actress shared a video of her yummy and healthy turaee ki chutney on Instagram. Turaee is also known as ridged gourd and is similar to zucchini in terms of its texture.

The vegetable is popularly prepared as a main dish. However, Neena Gupta has given it a yummy twist in this recipe and we are eager to try it out. To make Neena Gupta’s delicious chutney you will need:

1. Chana daal

2. Urad daal

3. Dry Red Chilies

4. Oil

5. Rai or mustard seeds

6. Tamarind

7. Dry Roasted Coconut

8. Turaee

To prepare the dish, first roast the lentils in some oil along with the mustard seeds, tamarind, and dry red chilies until the lentils brown slightly. Put this mixture in the mixer with some dry roasted coconut and blend. In a pan add a little oil and cook the turaee or ridged gourd for 5 minutes until it softens. Add the blended spice mix to the vegetable and blend. Don’t blend the vegetable to a fine paste, keep it slightly coarse. The yummy chutney is ready. 

Watch the full video here:

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If Neena Gupta‘s yummy chutney recipe has left you craving for more, try these simple recipes that you can add to your menu to elevate your meals.

1. Garlic Chutney

Garlic chutney is an all-time favourite in most desi households. This delicious chutney that blends together aromatic garlic with fiery chilli powder and flavourful peanuts is a truly divine side dish. It can be an accompaniment to your Indian meals or even eaten with a sandwich or roll. Check out the recipe here.

2. Tomato Garlic Chutney

This recipe is perfect to eat along with paranthas, dosas, and even with a simple bowl of daal and rice. Tangy tomato blended with pungent garlic and spicy red chillies is bound to become a regular favourite in your home. Follow the recipe here.

3. Neem Chutney

Neem leaves on their own are incredibly bitter and despite the innumerable health benefits of neem, it is almost impossible to consume. That is why this tasty chutney recipe is absolutely perfect. It blends together healthy neem leaves with sweet jaggery and tangy kokum to create a nutritious and delicious chutney. Take a look at the recipe.

Tell us what you thought of Neena Gupta‘s turaee ki chutney and which of these chutney recipes you enjoy making. 

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