Nargis Fakhri Had Gnocchi with Pesto And We Have The Recipe For You


Thanks to a raging pandemic, most of us have had to say goodbye to our favourite takeout food and live on a healthy dose of home-cooked meals. But if you are one of those who think home food is boring, we would advise you to take a look at actress Nargis Fakhri’s latest Instagram Stories. The 41-year-old is the latest to join the long list of celebrities who are enjoying their time in the kitchen in the lockdown. Recently, the ‘Rockstar’ actress shared a video of a delectable gnocchi and pesto dish prepared at home. She even teased us by digging into a sumptuous looking piece of potato in the video. Take a look:

The special dish was prepared by Nargis’ chef boyfriend, Justin Santos. His Instagram Stories show him working on the dish but you don’t see enough to devise an entire recipe from the videos. But fret not, for we have an elaborate recipe of this lip-smacking Italian dish ready with us. Here, we have dressed the potato-based dumplings with fresh pesto sauce. Click here for the recipe. 

Even with a simple recipe, most people find cooking gnocchi quite intimidating. But there is a secret to perfecting it. According to English chef Angela Hartnett, the trick is to “keep the potatoes dry so that the gnocchi are fluffy and melt in the mouth.”

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Gnocchi is a recipe which you can make at home. 

But if you don’t like potatoes, you can even make some potato-free gnocchi. Foodies from many parts of the world have used polenta, ricotta, stale bread or pumpkin as a replacement for potato. Moreover, if you are not a fan of pesto sauce, gnocchi with tangy tomato sauce is also a tempting option. With just a few ingredients you can create a bunch of unique flavours. Click here for the recipe. 

You can also choose to make some saffron gnocchi with plum tomato sauce. Though this recipe may take three hours of your time, it is worth the effort. It is made with ingredients such as semolina, pasta flour, saffron, asparagus, parmesan cheese, basil, and cherry tomato. Try the recipe we have here

Nargis Fakhri nudged us to explore the world of gnocchi recipes and we cannot wait to try it. Which one will you make first?

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