Mysterious Video Claims All McD’s Employees Quit, Outlet Had To Be Closed


The Coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly affected the job market like no other situation would have. Long working hours are commonplace at many organisations, with little or no increase in pay. Due to these circumstances, it is not uncommon to see plenty of workers quitting their jobs, especially in the quick service and fast food industry. A mysterious video has surfaced online in this regard which claims that a McDonald’s outlet had to be closed after all of its employees quit together. Take a look:

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The video was originally shared on TikTok by user @zoey.isback, and was then circulated across multiple social media platforms, including YouTube and Twitter.

The McDonald’s outlet featured in the video was reportedly in La Mesa, California. The caption of the video read, “When everyone quit unexpectedly at the same time.” In the short clip, we can see a handwritten note on the McDonald’s ordering counter which read, “Everyone quit. We are closed.” There is no staff to be seen behind the counters or anywhere inside the restaurant. Rather, a few employees can be seen outside the outlet.

According to a fact check by Newsweek, the videos claims were entirely false. A spokesperson from McDonald’s denied that the staff at the California outlet had quit together, although two staff members did leave after serving a two-week notice period. Officials claim there were no unexpected or mass resignations and the outlet was fully functional. The video, however, did create quite a stir online.

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McDonald’s is known for its burgers and fries.

This is not the first time that McDonald’s has come under the lens of employees leaving en masse. In a recent Twitter post that went viral, a distraught McDonald’s employee wrote a similar note for customers. “We are closed because I am quitting and I hate this job,” read the note. Read more about it here.

Earlier in May 2021, a McDonald’s outlet in Illinois, USA had come up with an interesting scheme to entice applicants. The staff was being offered a free iPhone after being employed for six months and meeting certain ’employment criteria’.

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