Mutton Mandi Biryani: How To Make This Succulent Rich Biryani, Fit For A Royal Feast


The love for biryani is above all borders or differences. It is the one dish that can instantly make a connection wherever you are, from north to south there isn’t a single soul who wouldn’t beam with happiness at the mention of biryani. Sure there are different preferences but it all boils down to (pun intended) the whole spices and succulent meat pieces that enrich the dish with mouth-watering flavours. If you ask, everyone will have a favourite biryani, but Bakri-eid just feels like the right day to share with you, one of our favourites, a biryani that could possibly change your ideas about all the other biryanis – The Mutton Mandi Biryani.

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When we say Mutton mandi biryani is soaked in the deliciousness of mutton, we are not kidding. Originally an Arabic dish, this biryani has slowly found ways to be included in Bakri-Eid festivals all around the world. The speciality is the mutton pieces which are soft and falling off the bone along with the rice cooked in the mutton stock itself, every bite feels like a piece of flavour heaven.

Mutton Biryani is the ultimate indulgence

Are you also tempted to know how you can get a hold of this Arabic delicacy? Read on the recipe here:

How to make Mutton Mandi Biryani / Mutton mandi biryani recipe:

The thing to keep in mind while making mutton mandi biryani is using the correct whole spices and good mutton pieces. There is a list of whole spices which make the mandi biryani masala, take the mutton pieces and marinate using this masala for at least 30 mins or 2 hours if you have the time. Also soak the rice for almost 30 mins before starting the cooking process.

In a cooker, add marinated mutton, ginger-garlic, onion and tomato paste, mix everything together and add a cup of water and let this cook for 2 whistles and simmer for 10 mins. In a pan, add the mutton stock from the cooker and add your soaked rice. Stir and cook for 30 mins. To enhance the aroma, keep a coal piece in the pan for 5 mins with the lid on. Serve along raita or green chutney of your choice.

To read the detailed recipe, click here.

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If you are a biryani fan, this is a must-try for you. Let us know how much you loved this biryani in the comments below.

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