Move Over Tomato Salsa, Make This Yummy Kiwi Salsa For A Delicious Dip With Your Chips


You may have tried many versions of the vibrant Mexican salsa. Everyone loves to toss in some jalapeno to make their hearts leap or add tomatillos when they want a cosy dip for their tacos. But, ever thought of adding kiwis to your salsa bowl? If not, that’s what you should try next. If healthy food is your thing, think not twice to chop these fruits into your salsa bowl. You’ll get the goodness of vitamins A, C and K and also omega 3 fatty acids. Kiwis are also a rich source of serotonin that can help you sleep better. The fruits are good for diabetics too.

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Now, that you are convinced to make a salsa out of kiwi, how do you go about the business? Nutritionist Pooja Makhija is here to help with a easy recipe for her version of the kiwi salsa. She chooses Chilean kiwis that are not fully ripe. Semi ripe kiwis balance the sweetness with a unique tartness. Skin them and chop them into a bowl. Add chopped onions, cilantro and jalapeños to make it a fiery affair. To add a tangy sharpness, add lime juice. Complete the recipe by adding salt and chilli flakes. Be careful not to mush the kiwis while mixing the ingredients. Check out Pooja’s recipe here:

Pooja’s Instagram page is replete with healthy and tasty snacking options. Once you are done with the salsa, you can try out her chia seed crackers. Let us keep aside the chia pudding for now and have crunchy chia treats with this recipe. You can also play with the flavours by adding herbs of your choice. Healthy couldn’t get crunchier, we bet.

Pooja balances her nutritionist self with her foodie self very well. It’s hard to believe but she turned our delectable cinnamon rolls into a healthy treat. She showed a way to replace whole wheat flour with any healthy flour of choice. She is also ditching the sugar for healthy jaggery powder in this recipe. That’s quite a warm call to any sweet tooth who is taking the healthy food trip these days. Check out how she does it:

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We love our food more when we are sure it won’t harm our health. Be it salsa or a dessert, healthy food is leading the food trends charts.

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