Move Over Paneer Tikka, This Aloo Tikka Is Here To Win Hearts


Have you ever wished that there could be a snack that would be ready in minutes? Just whip up a few ingredients and cook and you are done? Well, that seems like a dream come true if you like your food to be low on effort and high on flavours. But in reality, there aren’t a lot of snacks which fit these descriptions and that really makes all the lazy cooks out there (Including us), very sad. But not anymore, because our hunger led us exactly to what we are looking for, a quick snack ready in 10 mins- Tandoori Aloo Tikka.

Potato recipes come in a variety and are loved by all.

Tandoori Aloo tikka is made by marinating boiled potato in a spicy flavorful marinade with curd, besan, powdered masalas and oil. It is the snack recipe that we all need, a delicious saviour that will rescue us from situations like when guests arrive unannounced, or you have a party and want to create a low effort appetizer, or you are craving a quick teatime snack. The best part is that you just have to whip up a bunch of things, marinade, grill and you are done. No extra steps at all, it’s as easy as that. So, are you ready to make this 10 min snack? Read the recipe here:

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How to Make Tadoori Aloo Tikka | Tandoori Aloo Tikka recipe:

First, you need to boil potatoes and then prepare a marinade with curd, besan, oil, ginger garlic paste, ajwain, jeera, black pepper, salt and some other basic masalas. Whip everything together and let the potato sit for a 5-10 mins. Grill or bake and your delicious bite-size snacks are ready to be devoured. For the detailed video, check the header section.

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There you have it, an easy vegetarian snack option that is sure to win hearts with its flavour and simplicity. Let us know how you liked the recipe, in the comments below.

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