Move Over Bread Pakoda; Make This Yummy Aloo Paneer Bread Pakoda That Screams Indulgence


Have the heavy rains cancelled your plans for today? If they have, then don’t worry, it’s best not to go outside in such weather. Even if you are stuck at your home, you can do plenty of things, and one such thing is to enjoy the cold rainy breeze with some hot foods. Whenever it is raining, we know that it’s a call for some piping hot chai and crunchy pakodas. And while there are a bunch of pakodas that you can make, what would be your go-to recipe? Is it aloo pakoda, paneer pakoda, bread pakoda or maybe all? But what if we told you that you could enjoy the goodness of all these pakodas in one? Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?!

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If your mouth is salivating too, then look no further because we have just the perfect monsoon recipe of aloo paneer bread pakoda. This dish is heavenly and fulfilling to have. You can pair it with a rassedar aloo ki sabzi or yummy green chutney. We are sure that this dish will become your number one favourite in no time.

This dish is heavenly and fulfilling to have

Here Is The Recipe Of Aloo Paneer Bread Pakoda | Aloo Paneer Bread Pakoda Recipe

For making the pakoda batter, you need to take some besan and add salt to taste, a pinch of baking soda, pour in some water and keep the batter a little thick. For the filling of this bread pakoda – first, you need to mash your boiled potatoes and add salt, ginger-garlic paste, red chilli powder, pepper, and mix it well. Then, cut a thick slice of paneer and wrap the aloo mix around it.

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Put this in the middle of two pieces of bread and cut it in half.

Dip the bread in the besan batter and fry on medium to high flame till golden brown. Once ready, cut it from the middle and serve with aloo ki sabzi and chutney!

For the full recipe of aloo paneer bread pakora click here.

Make this yummy pakoda, and let us know how you liked them.

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