Move On From Plain Idli, Try Kotte Kadubu – A Delicious Idli Wrapped In Jackfruit Leaves


South India has definitely given us dishes that are both an explosion of flavours and comfort food at the same time. While there are many things to explore and eat, nothing beats idlis’ simple and warm taste. Over the years, we have had many kinds of idlis, whether fried idli, chilli idli, Andhra idli or any other kind; idli is one thing that comes in all shapes, tastes and sizes. As this soft and fluffy dish sees many variations in both South India and North India, the kotte kadubu is a classic kind of idli that comes from a small village and is cooked in jackfruit leaves.

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Kotte kadubu may seem like a plain idli in first look. But the aroma and taste of it is totally different. The art of making this dish in jackfruit leaves that are shaped in a cup-like structure is a different experience than we have normally not seen. While steaming this idli, the aroma of jackfruit leaves is induced in the dish making it more flavourful. As the leaves are shaped into a cup holder for kotte kadubu, there is hardly any requirement for using a plate. One can enjoy this delicacy in jackfruit leaves only.

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To make this recipe, you would require four jackfruit leaves for one kotte kadubu, coconut leaf stick and idli batter. To make a cup out of the leaves, you need to take four equal-sized jackfruit leaves and pin the first three leaves with each other. For the fourth leaf, pin it diagonally so the cup is formed. Make sure that your sticks or pins are correctly inserted so that the leaves don’t fall apart. Lastly, pour your idli batter into these cups and steam them.

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